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     Hello, and welcome to the electronic version of the "Beavercreek Bulletin," which shall be known as the "Beavercreek Bulletin Online."
     The purpose of this site is to take advantage of the electronic capabilities of the Internet in order to make information of interest available to the residents of the Beavercreek area.
     The "Bulletin" is published on a monthly basis by your Beavercreek Committee for Community Planning, aka BCCP.
      We intend to have the
current issue as well as all past issues online as space permits.
      The "Beavercreek Bulletin Online" is the same as the edition whch is available from the following locations in the Beavercreek area, except here you get to see it in color: The printed copy is in black and white which is more cost effective.

  • Kissin' Kate's Café (formerly the Beavercreek Restaurant)
  • The "Corner Park" drive thru
  • Beavercreek Grocery
  • Beavercreek Animal Hospital
  • The UPS Store (next to Oregon City Car Wash)
  • Clarkes General Store & Eatery

      This site is always under construction, in order to keep you apprised of the latest developments, so we hope you will be patient with us and excuse our dust.
      A little history… the BCCP was formed in September of 1997, at a community meeting held at the Beavercreek Elementary School.
     The purpose of the BCCP is to educate and inform the citizens of Beavercreek on issues regarding incorporation and any other viable avenues for local governance of the Beavercreek area as well as other pertinent information.
     We hope you enjoy the "Beavercreek Bulletin Online" and that you find it informative and continue to return to this site on a regular basis.
                                                                        Sharon Charlson, Editor

Beavercreek Boundary Map
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Hamlet By-laws
Effective March 28, 2007
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Website for the Beavercreek Hamlet with
meeting notices, documents, information, etc.

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